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The photos and other visuals you can see here are largely thanks to members of the family.  Down the generations, various relatives have taken and collected photographs. Kathleen Murray, in particular, built up a huge collection of photos and other materials about the family. She was the remarkable daughter of Caroline Molteno and her husband, Dr C F K Murray. She eventually lodged her collection in the archives of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Library. I must thank the staff of the UCT archives for making copies for me of some of the rare photos which you can now see here for the first time.

Many other members of the family have also kindly contributed photos. If you see a gap (and there are several), or have a particularly interesting photo of a relative or family event that you would like to see mounted in this collection, please contact me so that we can arrange for you to send it.

Lastly, I should mention two other sources of photos.  Some are taken from a small number of books, many of them long out of print and out of copyright. Also, due to the wonders of the Internet in general, I have been able to source some visuals that way. A full list of credits is available here.

Each photo is located in one of the galleries below. But the main ones of interest are the Family Members and the Places Important to the Family galleries.  In the Family Members galleries, photos are presented alphabetically. This has been done by making sure each caption starts with a person’s first name, followed by their surname. With married women, you need to look both under their first + maiden names, and under their first + married names.  For example, photos of my grandmother will be found under Lil Sandeman and (following her marriage) under Lil Molteno (nee Sandeman).

A tip about how best to see these photos: They appear as what are called ‘thumbnails’, a kind of mini-photo. For reasons I do not understand, these often truncate the photo! To see a particular photo properly and at full size, therefore, just click on its ‘thumbnail’. To see the next photo in that group, place your cursor on the double arrow on the righthand side underneath the photo, and click. Finally, at any point, if you want to get back to the gallery with all its thumbnail photos, just click with your cursor anywhere on the photo you happen to be looking at.

View Family Members Galleries: A to C | D to F | G to I | J | K to M | N to Z (Arranged by first name)

View Places Important to the Family: A to M | N to Z

View Maps Gallery

View Molteno Village in Italy Gallery

View Other Images Gallery

View Other Individuals Gallery

View Scenery and Other Places

View Transport Gallery

View War Gallery

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