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Jarvis, Hercules Crosse (1803-89) (pdf) — a draft biography by R. F. M. Immelman

Molteno, Admiral Barkly 

Molteno, Donald Barkly, Q.C. — a biography by David Scher

Molteno, Sir John Charles (1814-86) (pdf) — a draft biography by R. F. M. Immelrman

Molteno, Percy Alport Molteno, M.P. — a biography by Francis Hirst

Murray, Kathleen — Elgin Fruit Farmer (pdf) — by Marion Cran

Payne (nee Stanford), Cynthia (pdf) — her recollections of growing up at Inungi

Syme, John — his autobiography

Williamson (nee Molteno), Carol (pdf) — reminiscences of her life


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