Children’s Stories about the Family

One of the things I never did when my children were growing up was tell them stories about our family. In fact, now I think about it, my father never told me stories about the Moltenos either.  What a missed opportunity!  And another reason why each generation can grow up knowing so little about the lives and times of their parents and grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

Now I have grandchildren. And it just happened that I began to tell a couple of them a family story or two. This experiment proved something of a hit. So I was urged to write them down. This is why this part of the family history website now exists.

Hopefully we will have more stories for children here as time goes on. And if any member of the family has something they were told and think it would make a good story, do contact me.

One last thing. Every incident I have been told by members of the family is only a fragment. To turn it into a story involves considerable poetic licence. None of them therefore must be taken, therefore, as history. They are just memories passed from one relative to another, and turned by me into little stories.

Robert Molteno


List of Stories


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