Here is a Timeline for events in the Molteno and related families.  It starts back in the mists of time when Menaduxius de Molteno helped the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in his attack on the Counts of Angleria in northern Italy, and took part in the negotiations for the surrender of the city of Milan.  (Of course, whether Menaduxius is really an actual ancestor of ours is another matter altogether!)

Much more detail exists from the late 18th century when the first Moltenos settled in London and started their printselling business in Pall Mall. And the detail gets richer as we go through the 19th and early 20th centuries.

How to use this Timeline
You can use it in one of two ways.

EITHER look at it on this Website: You can see the Timeline here. It is of course arranged by date. So you can look at a particular year (and some events even show the month or exact day where this is known). For some reason, the Timeline looks much better if you use Firefox as your browser! Also remember, you can use the Ctrl (Control) + F(ind) procedure to search for any particular individual or place.

OR download it to your computer:  Click here to download this version of the file (which is in Excel).  Once the timeline is open go to file -> save, you can then search or sort the Timeline in various ways.

Searching: You can search for a particular relative or place:  Go to Home; then Find & Select; then Find.  Type in full name of the person you want, running the full names together — for example, GeorgeAnthonyMolteno. Remember that women are entered under the maiden names. Or type in the place – this may be a country, or region, or town, or even family home (e.g. Claremont House).  Then click on Find All. You then go down the list shown clicking on each location where the programme has found what you are looking for.

Sorting: You can sort the whole Timeline file:  In particular, you can sort it by one or more of the following columns – Surname, Full Names of a Person, Place.  Go to Data. Then Sort. Under Sort By, choose which column you want to sort by. Finally, you can click Add Level, and choose an additional column to sort by. In this way, you can, for example, look up all events concerning Jacksons at Nelspoort Farm, or look at all relatives with the surname Anderson.

Limitations of this Timeline
Please remember that I prepared it originally in order to help me write a comprehensive history of the Molteno and related families.   It is a work in progress.  I have not yet had time to put on all the dates from the information which I have assembled about the family. So I will be adding to it as time goes on. If you see any mistakes, or know of additional events which should be included, please let me know.

Also this whole website is not an account of the family’s history right up to the present day. It concentrates instead on the earlier history. Entries in the Timeline with more recent dates relate only to members of the family from older generations who figure in the stories on the Website.