Donald Barkly Molteno Q.C. (1908-1972)


Donald Molteno, Member of Parliament (1937-1948), elected by African voters in one of three Cape Province constituencies


Married: 1. Veronica Stromsoe (1912-1999) (in 1934) (dvd)

Children:  1. Wallace Donald Molteno (1936-2008); 2. Josephine Veronica Molteno (1937-1972);


Married: 2. Mary Fleet Goldsmith (1912-1997) (in 1940)

Children:  3. Robert Vincent Molteno (1943 –   ); 4. Patrick Grahame Molteno (1945-2010); 5. Donald Frank Molteno (1953 –   ).

Barrister, campaigner, political activist, professor.

Brief biography

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Writings by Donald Molteno

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