Molteno Family Tree

This Molteno Family Tree starts with our first ancestor, George Anthony Molteno, born in 1751, who opened his printselling business in London in 1783.   The Tree lists about 1,400 descendants as well as individuals who married into the family.

How the Molteno and other families are related — A Quick GuideIf you like to understand how each main segment of George Anthony Molteno’s descendants are related to one another, just click on it. This explains how each main surname — starting with Alport, Anderson, Bisset and so on, and ending with Stanford and Stillman — are related to the Moltenos.

Software used for the Molteno Family Tree: The software used was Family Tree Maker. But it then became apparent that the Tree could only be seen if viewers went to the Ancestry website rather than staying on this website. And a viewer has usually to become a paid up Ancestry subscriber. The version of the Tree that now appears here on this Molteno Family website is in a free family tree software. The functionality is more limited than previously intended. Glitches may also become apparent. If so, please let me know about them. But you can move around it, and if your Internet browser is Google Chrome or Firefox,  you can also search the family tree by pressing the Control  Key on your computer and the letter F [for Find] simultaneously.

You can help correct this Family Tree and keep it up-to-date: I am trying to keep it up-to-date by recording new Births, Marriages and Deaths as members of the family let me know. If you have new information, or see mistakes or information missing, please send it to me.

The Tree’s limitations:  The Molteno Family Tree only lists descendants of George Anthony Molteno and their spouses. It does not, for example, usually list the forebears of anyone who marries into the family.  On the other hand, of course, it does list the descendants of all women descended from George Anthony Molteno who marry and have children. So there are many other surnames on the Tree. As the generations pass, there are clusters or ‘clans’ of Molteno descendants bearing other surnames.  Particularly important sections of the family are: Anderson, Bristow, Lee, Murray, Stanford, and many others in more recent generations. Have a look at the Quick Guide above.

A word of caution:  Many sources have fed into building this tree – Catholic Embassy Chapel records in London;  Church of the Latterday Saints records; British Government Births, Marriages and Deaths records which started in 1837; census records; information drawn from earlier family trees drawn up by members of the family; and information given me by living relatives.  Inevitably, there will be mistakes. Feel free to send me any corrections you think should be made.


Tombstone of Frank Molteno, a younger brother of Sir John Charles Molteno — erected in 1869 in the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii










Two special uncertainties:   Some of George Anthony Molteno’s descendants never emigrated from England.  It is not easy to be sure in some cases in the very early 19th century how, if at all, they are related to George Anthony.  And secondly, in the case of the Hawaiian Moltenos who are descended from John Charles Molteno’s younger brother, Frank Molteno, there is even more uncertainty because he arrived in the Sandwich Islands before the indigenous authorities began to keep records.

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